Pearl of the Piedmont

There is no place like home.

Greenville, South Carolina is a special gem in the landscape of the South, and people have recognized that since early settlers started calling it home in 1789.

John Hill Hewitt, Greenville’s first literary figure and founder of the town’s first newspaper, The Greenville Republican, understood that when, in 1882, he described Greenville as “a quiet little town embedded among the green hills...like a pearl set in a cluster of emeralds."  George Chapin, in 1891, dubbed Greenville “The Pearl of the Piedmont” in his book, Health Resorts of the South.

Fast forward to 2017, and the secret is out. Greenville is the fourth fastest growing city in America. People come to Greenville by the thousands to live, work and play sometimes for a weekend and - sometimes for good. 

We were lucky enough to be born and raised in Greenville and now raise our own families here. There is still that special vitality and charm in Greenville recognized by Hewitt and Chapin nearly two centuries ago. We are proud of our hometown and equally proud to recognize it as they did— a gem tucked into our little corner of the world.

The Pearl of the Piedmont Collection features white baroque freshwater pearls surrounded by emeralds fashioned in handmade pieces that respect the history and showcase the uniqueness of this special place. Available in bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings and cuff links set in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold; exclusively by Ponthieux’s Jewelry Design Studio, Greenville, SC